Our Pillars

Familiarize yourself with the five qualities we strive to reflect in everything we do.

From the roof over your head to the retirement you’ll enjoy, a solid foundation is essential to ensuring it all stays upright. When it comes to our firm, these five pillars serve as the structure we need to help you achieve your dreams.

First Pillar: Excellence

We depend on exceptional people to provide exceptional financial services. We set high standards and support each other as we strive to achieve them. We invest in each other and value the individual and cultural differences that make us strong. We are proud of our superior services as measured by quality outcomes.

Second Pillar: Integrity

We seek to be honest, ethical and responsible in our work and in the way we deal with others. We keep our promises and admit our mistakes. We are transparent. By the way we strive to live our lives every day, we are worthy of the trust people place in us.

Third Pillar: Innovation

We create a culture of continuous development, welcome personal and professional growth through a lifelong learning and service improvement journey, and embrace change, creativity and personal growth. We incorporate new ideas, technology and methods to improve the financial services we provide. We strive to anticipate future trends and create strategic plans to help our clients achieve their goals.

Fourth Pillar: Collaboration

We establish community partnerships. We build enduring internal and external relationships, joining with colleagues across organizational boundaries to improve the care and services we provide. We encourage and reward both individual and team achievements. We put the common good ahead of narrow interests.

Fifth Pillar: Stewardship

We are resourceful, adaptable and resilient. We have a “can-do” attitude that gets the job done. We are fiscally responsible and efficient with our time. We are each personally dedicated to making Pillar Financial Group better because we are here to serve our communities.

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